Definitions for "Char"
To reduce to coal or carbon by exposure to heat; to reduce to charcoal; to burn to a cinder.
To burn slightly or partially; as, to char wood.
A byproduct of low-temperature carbonization of a solid fuel.
One of the several species of fishes of the genus Salvelinus, allied to the spotted trout and salmon, inhabiting deep lakes in mountainous regions in Europe. In the United States, the brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) is sometimes called a char.
der Saibling Salvelinus
any of several small-scaled trout
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Primitive data type representing one Unicode character, or two bytes.
a Java character, which is basically UCS-2.
The Java primitive representing a two byte Unicode character.
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diminutive of Character
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(Kutchi): to itch.
a complete cliche), Camille will probably just retire from fighting and live his life with annoying, annoying Fa in peace
Keywords:  alvestrand, bcp, ietf, january, rfc
Alvestrand, H.T., " IETF Policy on Character Sets and Languages", BCP 18, RFC 2277, January 1998.
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"Tank." (French.)
Frnch Char B1 heavy tank
Keywords:  chore, servant, hired, job, regularly
Work done by the day; a single job, or task; a chore.
To work by the day, without being a regularly hired servant; to do small jobs.
Keywords:  hew, stone, work
To work or hew, as stone.
Keywords:  housework, carpet, clean, human, female
a human female who does housework; "the char will clean the carpet"
Char is a planet in the Star Craft universe. It orbits a binary star system consisting of a yellow star and a blue star and is very tectonically active.
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finally int static volatile
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float new switch
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A car; a chariot.
Keywords:  substance
a charred substance
Keywords:  finish, perform
To perform; to do; to finish.
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A data type typically 8-bit in size
Keywords:  player, short, your
short for character i.e. your player character