Definitions for "BCP"
BRAC Cleanup Plan. The plan developed by the BRAC Cleanup Team for achieving environmental restoration goals at closing and realigning military bases. The BCP is the road map for expeditious cleanup necessary to facilitate conveyance of property to communities for redevelopment. The BCP is a phased plan that encapsulates and prioritizes requirements, schedules and cost of the environmental programs to be implemented by the BRAC Cleanup Team for completing environmental action in support of the cleanup, reuse and redevelopment of the base.
Business Continuity Planning. An all encompassing, "umbrella" term covering both disaster recovery planning and business resumption planning. SEE ALSO Business Resumption Planning.
Business Continuity Plan
A command-line utility that copies Microsoft SQL Server data to or from an operating-system file in a user-specified format.
A program used to copy databases or parts of databases in Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server environments. It was at first a command line program, but graphical...
Bulk Copy Program. This is a program used to copy databases or parts of databases in SyBase and Microsoft SQLServer environments. It is typically a command line program, but graphical interface programs have been put on top of it to make it more friendly.
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Bangiya Christiya Pariseba
See Broadband Communications Provider.
Broadband Communications Provider. A new type of telecommunications company that combines the best attributes of three "traditional" voice and data providers - competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), integrated communications providers (ICPs), and Internet service providers (ISPs) - to deliver multimedia services over a ubiquitous broadband network.
A design code for pressure housings based on the manufacturers best commercial practice.
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Banco Central de Paraguay
Bleached chemical pulp (includes bleached kraft pulp and all sulphite pulp, including unbleached sulphite) Also known as "white pulp".
A document prepared by a state agency, and submitted to the Department of Finance, to propose and document budget changes to support operations of the agency in the next fiscal year; used in preparing the Governor's budget.
(Budget Change Proposal) A document prepared by a State agency and submitted to an agency and submitted to an agency secretary (if necessary) and the Department of Finance to propose and document budget changes to maintain the existing level of service or to change the level of service; and is used in preparing the Governor's Budget.
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Bulkhead connector plug, glass reinforced epoxy, mates with CCR
The Book of Common Prayer which shaped Anglican public worship from 1662 until the early 1970s. After that date modern prayer books began to be produced.
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BLOOD CHEMISTRY PROFILES. A blood sample that is taken as part of the underwriting process for a life or health insurance policy.
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BroadCast Pulse
Birth Control Pills
See Backup control processor.
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Bridging Control Protocol is responsible for configuring, enabling and disabling the bridge protocol modules on both ends of the point-to-point link.
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Broken Case Price.
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break cloud procedure.
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Bureau of Consumer Protection
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An operating system's base control program.
See Base Control Program.
Basic Call Process
Block Change Process (Single Process Initiative)