agreed plan of response to an alarm warning that a lahar has been initiated. This plan is being developed by Police, DOC and local authorities.
a written document that details the proper procedures for caring for injuries that may occur to participants during activity (refer to Appendix G for sample guidelines for the collegiate environment)
a written plan outlining procedures to protect public health and safety in the event of an accidental release of an extremely hazardous substance
a procedural document for organizing, coordinating and directing available resources toward the response to, and control of an emergency
Development of strategies to be implemented when a new plant or animal infestation, or infection by a pest or disease is detected.
A licensing document that describes the utility's overall emergency response functions, organization, facilities, and equipment as well as appropriate state, county, or local plans. This document is supplemented by specific implementing procedures.
a living document, subject to change, updates and revisions as the environment of the university changes