Definitions for "Preparedness"
The ability to undertake maritime operations, the combination of readiness and sustainability.
Activities that lead to a safe, efficient, and cost-effective fire management program in support of land and resource management objectives through appropriate planning and coordination. Mental readiness to recognize changes in fire danger and act promptly when action is appropriate. The range of deliberate, critical tasks, and activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve the capability to protect against, respond to, and recover from domestic incidents. see also: Readiness
the degree of alertness and readiness of an individual or a community immediately before the onset of a hazard event. To enhance preparedness, people plan how to respond in case a disaster occurs and work to increase the resources available to respond effectively. Preparedness activities are designed to help save lives and minimize damage by preparing people to respond appropriately.
In classical conditioning theory, a biological predisposition to associate particular stimuli readily with the unconditioned stimulus.
A built-in predisposition to form certain associations more readily than others.
principle of choosing the suit for the opening bid to facilitate a rebid.
the aggregate of all measures and policies taken by humans before the event; to be prepared for the event.