Definitions for "Humans"
Keywords:  sapiens, homo, ark, bonus, inhabit
A Creature race.
A species all Angband players should be familiar with. Short-lived compared to the other intelligent races. Includes both good and bad individuals, and also of the various shades in between.
Humans are the last of the pure homo-sapiens. Descendents of those that hid away in the Arks for decades, their predecessors attempted to cleanse the world of alien ecology through various nuclear, biological and chemical treatments. After nearly 125 years, the Humans emerged with many technological advantages gleaned from their studies of alien technology. They retain access to extensive satellite networks and have perfected genetic manipulation to ensure the purity of the race. Infantry Many factions use infantry to do their grunt-work. However, foot soldiers are easy prey for vehicles, which can kill dozens at a time. For this reason a player is not allowed to get out of his or her vehicle unless they are in towns.
There are many different ways in which humans interact with the supernatural in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter universe, including the animators of "Animators, Inc.," who use their power to raise the dead for profit, and the police of RPIT, the law enforcement division assigned to deal with supernatural crimes.
The evolution of humans dates back 4 million years; humans are primates, just like apes and chimpanzees, and share a common ancestor; humans differ from apes and chimpanzees by having large, complex brains and language and by being bipedal -- we walk on two feet instead of four.
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A prolific and sentient species who represent a natural source of power to Others. Humans emit energy, which then collects in the Gloom where the Others are able to access it in vast quantities and use it to fuel various types of magic. Most Others are born human, with few exceptions, but then become Others during their youth.