Definitions for "EMA"
Exponential Moving Average - Usually stated in days, i.e. 300 day EMA, but can be any unit of measure. It calculates the average price of the financial instrument in order to smooth out the daily fluctuations to provide a better idea of the trend. The EMA weighs the recent prices more heavily than the Simple Moving Average (SMA or MA). Can be used as a buy/sell indicator but may produce whipsaws.
Exponential Moving Average. The EMA for day D is calculated as: where PR is the price on day D and a (alpha) is a smoothing constant. Alpha may be estimated as 2/(n+1), where n is the simple moving average length.
Exponential moving average. EMAs are calculated by applying a percentage of today's closing price to yesterday's moving average value.
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E Meio Ambiente
Equipe do Meio Ambiente
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The geographic area eligible to receive Title I CARE Act funds. The boundaries of the metropolitan area are defined by the Census Bureau. Eligibility is determined by AIDS cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some EMAs include just one city, other EMAs are composed of several cities and/or counties; and some EMAs extend over more than one State.
Eastern Maneuver Area
Extended Market Area. A BBM defined geographical area comprised of a market and adjacent counties or census divisions, which are assigned to a broadcast market on the basis of majority audience delivery. Also known as Extended Market (EM). ack to Top | Return to Broadcast Buying & Selling Glossary
The Education Maintenance Allowance is available nationally across England to eligible young people on courses such as AS/A2, GNVQs, NVQs, GCSEs studying in schools, sixth form colleges and FE colleges.
Educational Maintenance Allowance
Acronym Education Maintenance Allowance - Is a financial scheme applicable to all students in England studying after GCSEs to encourage financially-challenged students to continue further education. Read more about 'EMA'...
English Minus Absolutisms. avoiding the use of absolutistic terms when we speak and write.
prayer board
Small wooden boards found at shrines, on which people write their wishes or thanks.
1. Enterprise Management Architecture. Digital Equipment Corporation network management architecture, based on the OSI network management model. 2. Electronic Messaging Association. Forum devoted to standards and policy work, education, and development of electronic messaging systems such as electronic mail, voice mail, and facsimile.
Electronic Messaging Association. Forum for development standards and policies for such systems as e-mail, voicemail, and facsimile.
See Electronic Messaging Association.
Environmental Management Act
Environmental Management Agency
External Marking Agency
Ethylene-methyl acrylate
Ethylene/methacrylic acid
ecological momentary assessment. Form of self-observation involving collection of data in real time (e.g., diaries) regarding thoughts, moods, and stressors.
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An exclamation of sadness. Can also mean the same as Emaho.
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European Monetary Agreement