Definitions for "sender"
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person or group initiating and transmitting information
In the communication process this is the originator of the message; the point where the communication starts.
the originator of a message being communicated.
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r Absender
in experiments, the person viewing the target-image which a remotely located receiver is supposed to describe.
an object that invokes an operation, and a receiver is an object that receives the request to execute a certain operation
A device that allows you to project your audio/video from its source (such as satellite receiver, television, VCR, or camcorder) into another room or floor. Also it can allow you to send stereo sound to powered speakers out-of-doors. No cable from room-to-room necessary. Also for sound, Skyvision has three great options for sending wireless audio to the headphones of your choice. See Audio/Video.
The person who is sending the package or shipment. May be the same as shipper if the sender is paying the courier directly.
See Shipper.
The bushworker who guides logs when decking and also the person who hooks the logs to be lifted and lowered onto a log car.
Magnolia instance sending an activation event
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Pulse sender/generator used to provide the speed signal for tachograph units.
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Sender is a windows tcp/ip client/host that lets you send and recieve text to and from tcp/ip ports.
a host from which you normally want to accept mail
The Host (user, server, or other) sending the requested file.
The individual who creates discourse.
a service in Microsoft Windows NT that SMS uses to transmit instructions and data from one site to another
a Windows NT service that moves instructions and data from one site to another
A sensor unit conveying information about an engine to a gauge warning light, or other component.
Generic term referring to the originator of an ICE payload.
A Systems Management Server thread component that uses an existing connectivity system to communicate among sites. A sender manages the connection, ensures the integrity of transferred data, recovers from errors, and closes connections when they are no longer needed.
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set used to broadcast radio or tv signals
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Another term for an "agent".
The service that is the source of data in a Data Transport application.
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he or she who can get you to go, i.e., has what it takes
a person or process (program) that generates the e-mail
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One who sends.