Definitions for "PORTS"
Openings in the Pump Module cylinder and housing allowing the flow of liquid through the Pump Module assembly during operation.
In telecommunications systems, the connection points on a port circuit pack. In computers in general, the sockets on the Central Processing Unit (CPU) into which peripheral device cables are plugged.
Plugs or connectors into which cables are attached.
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Ports are shown as squares on the map cards, along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. The USA can invade ports, use naval support there and supply them by sea. Note: despite its name, Port Hudson is not a port.
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The number of ports on this bridge participating in this VLAN in this domain, if the domain is enabled. This will be zero if the STP domain is disabled on the bridge. The panel at the bottom of this view shows summary information about the STP domain and VLAN with which these devices are associated. Displaying STP Port Information Select a device in the Component Tree to view information about the ports on the device that are members of the selected VLAN and STP domain. When you select a device, the STP Ports view appears, as shown in See STP Ports view. STP Ports view This view shows information about ports on the selected device that are participating in an enabled STP domain. The information presented for each port includes
The numbered channel through which data travels to and from a networked device. Typically the specific port number is associated with the type of data being transferred. e.g. Web pages: 80, FTP:21, Email 25 and 110, etc.
The small incisions that are made during a laparascopic surgery
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In a telephone switch, a port can be used for either an agent/employee extension or a trunk. The number of ports available in any switch including ACD's is finite, unless extra cards/cabinets are purchased.
Physical Ocean Real-Time System
Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System
An address to which messages can be sent and that has a queue holding the messages received by the port but not yet consumed by the threads. Ports are attached to actors. Ports can be assembled into groups adding a multicast facility. See also message handlers.
Holes in speakers. All good ones have them. The sound comes from there (see Soundstage). Regardless of where the “front” is, the ports should always be pointed to the listener.
The receptacles at the back of the computer. They get their name from the ports where ships pick up and deliver cargo. In this case, the ports allow information to enter and leave the system unit.
(n.) a variant of mailboxes allowing multiple client processes but only a single server process.
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a LED that indicates probable problems
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a relatively simple and effective way to get free service plus someone else's number on the ANI controller
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see network-ports