Definitions for "Soundstage"
Keywords:  stereo, depth, listen, width, musician
This is the area between the speakers, in which stereo creates the impression of sounds coming from different parts of this area. The pan control is used to move mono sounds around in this area.
The impression of soundspace existing in three dimensions in front of and/or around the listener.
The soundstage refers to your sense of width, depth and height when you listen to music — just as you would sense the placements of different instruments in a live concert setting. Individual vocal and instrumental "images" make up your stereo system's soundstage. See also "imaging" above.
Soundstages are provided to house film sets.
Large studio area where elaborate sets may be constructed.
A large area where elaborate sets may be constructed.
Keywords:  catwalks, jumble, makeup, huge, seats
a jumble of completed or half-completed sets, tools, makeup seats, wood and wood and more wood, catwalks, huge lights and cables
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