Definitions for "Seats"
This is the Stock Exchange's Automated Trading System provided for the trading of Securities on ASX.
Has taken share trading from the floor of the stock exchange to the screens in tradersâ€(tm) offices.
Abbreviation for Stock Exchange Automated Trading System, the screen-trading system adopted by the Australian Stock Exchange.
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According to some self-styled purists, canoes do not properly have seats so you should kneel in the canoe, with your ass propped against the thwart ten hours a day. Phooey! Seats are the things to be sat upon by you. They must therefore, be firmly bolted into the canoe, and their good placement is a matter of considerable interest.
Include the driver`s, and substantial fold out seats. Number of seats will be the same as the number of 3-point seat belts.
The number of concurrent or maximum users, or sometimes devices, allowed under software license agreements.
Number of handheld users or potential users.
Periods of training during a training contract.
During your two-year Training Contract, you are required to cover three areas of law and to acquire a balance of contentious and non-contentious law. Each area of law is traditionally referred to as a 'seat' and may last between 3 - 12 months.
an area that includes seats for several people; "there is seating for 40 students in this classroom"