Definitions for "BSE"
Bovine Sponigiform Encephalopathy. an infection of cattle characterized by degenerative, clumsy, apprehensive behavior, and death. Transmittable to humans who eat the infected beef.
Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis
a fatal disease of cattle that affects the central nervous system; causes staggering and agitation
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Formerly the Bombay Stock Exchange and now known as The Stock Exchange, Mumbai.
Brussels Stock Exchange. Stock exchange that handles the majority of securities transactions in Belgium.
Bombay Stock Exchange. See: National Stock Exchange; Mumbai stock exchange.
Bâtiment stockage Etage see Booster Storage Building
ureau of pecial ducation: A division of the State Department of Education responsible for overseeing and regulating all public and private special education in the Commonwealth
Breast Self Examination
Following a technique to examine the breast tissue or the chest wall to note any changes; it is recommended that all girls perform this on a monthly basis after they have developed breast tissue; for women having regular periods it is best done a week or two after the period has stopped; after there is no menstrual cycle pick a consistent time each month; this should he continued even after a mastectomy or an implant; ask a physician or nurse to teach how to also examine the axilla (armpit).
Breast Self-Exam
The Three-Letter Acronym or Abbreviation (TLA) BSE could stand for
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Basic Service Element. An Open Network Architecture term. BSEs are telecommunications services that enhanced service providers could get from their service provider. There are four general categories of BSE: Switching, signaling, transmission and network management.
Basic Strategy Edge
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Back-Scattered Electrons