Definitions for "Immunodeficiency"
condition in which the normal immune response is weakened or diminished from the effects of disease or drugs.
failure of the body's immune system to fight disease
the lack of an adequate or normal immune response.
a condition where the immune response is deficient or subnormal.
The state of a patient whose immune system has been compromised by disease or by administration of chemicals. This condition makes the system deficient in the number and type of blood cells needed to defend against a foreign substance.
A deficiency of immune response or a disorder characterized by deficient immune response; classified as antibody (B cell), cellular (T cell), or combined deficiency or as a phagocytic dysfunction disorder.
this refers to problems with the body's defenses against infections and cancer
and immunodepression: the defensive system of the patient body act bad or insufficiently against germs.
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A disorder in which the immune system is reduced or absent.
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a condition resulting from a defective immune system.