Definitions for "REDUCED"
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In biological terms, a character that is reduced is one that the ancestors of an organism used to posses and use, but that is now not necessary and so often reduced in size, usefulness and so function. A good example would be the appendix of humans that used to be used for cellulose digestion, but is now a simple blind-ended tube in the digestive system, or the wings of penguins, now not needed for flight. This type of reduction is generally a result of passive evolution (drift). Another meaning for reduced is where a characteristic has been specifically altered and often reduced in size because of active selection; for example, the leaves of cacti are reduced to spines, and the stem has taken over the job of photosynthesis. The reduced leaves/spines are important for protecting the plant from grazing animals, and so active selection has encouraged their development.
To qualify as "reduced", a nutritionally altered product must contain at least 25% of a nutrient or of calories than the regular, or reference, product; However, a reduced claim cannot be made on a produ;
Commonly used to describe a wine that has not been exposed to air.
Tasting and winemaking term used to indicate a wine that has developed a dirty smell reminiscent of rotten eggs. Before bottling this can usually be remedied by aeration of addition of copper. When it develops in bottle, vigorous aeration sometimes removes the reduced smell.
in tort: damages are cut on account of a ruling on P's contributory negligence Since the plaintiff's injuries were largely caused by his failure to wear a seat belt, his damages will be reduced accordingly. reduction (n)
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made less in size or amount or degree
Smaller in size, frequently lacking parts; in flowers the sexual parts may be absent.
To lessen or make smaller
A method of thickening a stock, soup or sauce by boiling off excess liquid.
A fraction in lowest terms; i.e. such that the numerator and denominator share no common factors.
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well below normal (especially in price)