Definitions for "FACTORS"
things to consider which might influence or change a result.
Any physical or psychological element in a retrieving set-up that might throw the dog and or handler off the line to the object to be retrieved.
(p. 9) In economics, factors are things like labor, capital, land, and other things which go into the production of goods.
Factors were Scottish and English agents who sold colonial planters' crops, filled their orders for manufactured goods, and extended them credit. The factor system was very convenient for southern planters, but it prevented the development of a diversified economy in the South.
Companies that buy accounts receivable, which are debts for merchandise or services bought on credit. Factors assume the job of collecting the money due.
in a mathematical statement, the numbers being multiplied
Any of two or more quantities that are multiplied together. In the expression 3.712 x 11.315, the factors are 3.712 and 11.315.
The whole numbers that are multiplied to get a product. In 6x3=18, 6 and 3 are factors of 18.
Process inputs an investigator manipulates to cause a change in the output. Some factors cannot be controlled by the experimenter but may effect the responses. If their effect is significant, these uncontrolled factors should be measured and used in the data analysis. Note: The inputs can be discrete or continuous. Crossed Factors: Two factors are crossed if every level of one occurs with every level of the other in the experiment. Nested Factors: A factor "A" is nested within another factor "B" if the levels or values of "A" are different for every level or value of "B". Note: Nested factors or effects have a hierarchical relationship.
The aggregate attachment factors for the different lines of coverage. Flexible Spending Benefits Flexible spending allows employees to pay for un-reimbursed healthcare expenses such as deductibles, co-insurance payments, routine vision or dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Because flexible benefit plans involve pre-tax salary, Both the employee and employer realize tax savings.
a larger reduction over time than just price indexing the bend points
The parameters used by an algorithm for its calculations.
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Independent variables.