Definitions for "indexing"
description of intellectual content of the specific holdings in a library's collection
Indexing is the process of converting a collection of data into the Search Engine database, ideal for displaying in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP's).
The placing of a URL in a rank-wise position by the search engine on its database is called Indexing. It is also called Index.
A passive investment strategy in which a portfolio is designed to mirror the...
Investment style, which seeks to replicate index benchmarks in equity and bond markets.
portfolio strategy in which the investment manager seeks to track the performance of a stated benchmark by maintaining a portfolio that mirrors the benchmark's. Indexing, also referred to as a passive investment approach, is in contrast to an active management approach (see active fund management).
Indexing is a technique used to quickly select candidate clauses of a predicate for a specific goal. In most Prolog systems, including SWI-Prolog, indexing is done on the first argument of the head. If this argument is instantiated to an atom, integer, float or compound term with functor, hashing is used quickly select all clauses of which the first argument may unify with the first argument of the goal.
The process of filtering a set of potentially matching clauses of a predicate given a goal. For interpreted and compiled code, indexing is done on the principal functor of the first argument. Indexing is coarse wrt. large integers and floats.
The process of tying wages, taxes, social benefits payments, prices, interest rates or loan values to a an economic index, usually of prices.
Increases to monthly pension amounts based on the annual increase in the cost of living. Once your pension payments have begun, and you have attained age 65, the lifetime portion will be adjusted each October by up to 60% of the increase in the Canadian consumer price index. These cost of living adjustments begin the first October after you reach age 65. If the cost of living decreases, the pension amount remains the same –– it does not decrease.
Tying the commodity price in a contract to other published prices, such as spot prices for gas or alternate fuels, or general indexes like the Consumer Price Index or Producer Price Index.
Identifying the subjects covered by a publication using a list of subject headings or thesauri, and listing them.
The process of evaluating information entities and creating indexing terms, normally subject or topical terms, that aid in finding and accessing the entity. Indexing means describing or identifying a document in terms of subject content. An indexing language consists of vocabulary and syntax rules. Index terms may be in natural language or controlled vocabulary or a classification notation.
The analysis of a document and the expression of its subjects with a specific indexing language (e.g., a classification scheme).
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the process by which a turntable bridge is aligned with approach or stall tracks. This process can be automated by using DCC decoders.
In VCRs, the ability to place electronic "bookmarks" on a tape, making it easier to find the beginnings of taped segments. Automatic indexing means that every time you start recording, the VCR places an index mark. Manual indexing lets you insert a marker at any time during recording.
The ability of a component to electrically mark a point on a tape or disc during recording for later access.
Adjusting of values over time to reflect the impact of inflation.
The amount by which the periodic payments increase annually to account for the effects of inflation.
A provision which increases the insured's pre-disability earnings every year according to a given formula, typically the CPI-U, so that residual disability benefits will not lose purchasing power because of inflation.
From Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Specification (Second Edition) ( 2003-11-10) representing an image by a palette , an alpha table , and an array of indices pointing to entries in the palette and alpha table.
The systematic arrangement of entries designed for users to locate information in a document. There are many types of indexes, from cumulative indexes for journals to computer database indexes. An indexer reads the page proofs, lists headings and subheadings, and annotates the location of each pertinent reference. After completing a rough index, the indexer edits it for structure, clarity, and consistency, formats it to specifications, proofreads it, and submits it. Although software advances and effective multipurposing methods can automate indexes, multi-level indexes require human interaction to reference pages in which a concept is discussed without a specific keyword appearing.
the practice of creating a comprehensive yet concise set of "entry points" into the different concepts contained in a piece of information. This can mean the index in the back of a textbook (which should have an entry for every major concept in the book, as well as redundant references when there are different ways to describe those concepts). It can also mean the different concepts in a journal article (in which case a database like MEDLINE serves as the index, rather than there being an index in the article itself). Without indexing much of the world's intellectual output remains unusable because it is too hard to find literature relating to the concepts you are interested in, and too time consuming (nay, impossible) to read all of it yourself.
Determining presence of disease in a plant by removing buds or other parts for inoculation of a susceptible indicator plant that exhibits specific symptoms of a transmissible disease.
A procedure to determine whether a given plant is infected by a virus. It involves the transfer of a bud, scion, sap etc. from one plant to one or more kinds of indicator plants sensitive to the virus. ()
The process of creating an index normally by Surname or combined Surname and Forename to material such as the census. Indexes to the census normally give a Piece and Folio Reference.
Usually refers to a jig used, to drill holes precisely around the circumference of a an object, e.g. spokes in a wheel or for decoration.
A text processing application to index a text, which works best when the user is actively involved in the process.
The process whereby the text index for a text table is created. The text index specifies the documents that contain occurrences of any given indexed word.
the process of building an index, such as when a collection of text documents is analyzed to automatically identify its word or word stems that are then recorded and made to point to locations in the collection where they occur
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Used to divide the circle of rotation into equal divisions. Say you wanted to make a fluted column with 24 flutes. You would use an indexing plate with 24 holes in its periphery to hold the column while you routed each flute.
The process of providing a centralized, searchable database of resources. Also called cataloging.
functions similar to a card catalog that makes it possible to arrange records in a different order using a much smaller data set
A statistical process by which various segments in the general population, or those residing in a given geography, are rated against a norm by how likely or unlikely to behave against a given demographic or behavioral variable or principal. Relates to: Profiling
The annual increases to the periodic payments to cover the increase in the cost of living.
a method of adjusting sums insured to provide for inflationary increases in values.
the controlled operation of equipment to obtain predetermined intermittent movements.
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Inbound Links
the formal linking of any payment to a price index
The operation of translating a postal code to a bar code and placing it on the lower right corner of the envelope. (indexation)
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A person that advises on a mortgage or loan that will suit your needs. They usually work from a restricted range of deals
making our terms and statements as descriptive as possible by emphasizing individual differences as well as similarities.
description and tagging of files or boxes for input into a tracking system.
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This is the definition for indexing.
A means of enabling information to be located
Investing for market returns by purchasing shares in an index fund.
To provide a system for all recorded and filed documents which indicates where they can be found.