Definitions for "Tying"
Keywords:  tying, quilt, tie, tied, jure
p. pr. of Tie.
the act of tying or binding things together
a traditional method of securing the quilt layers with knotted ties at intervals across the quilt.
Keywords:  buddle, washing, act, process, ores
The act or process of washing ores in a buddle.
Forcing a franchisee to purchase one product as a condition to the sale of another.
A marketing technique whereby a firm producing a product that will function only if used in conjunction with another product requires its customers to buy the latter product from it, rather than from alternative suppliers.
Keywords:  tacking, see
see Tacking.
Keywords:  fasten, attach
To fasten or attach.
Keywords:  joining, notes, together, long, produce
the joining together of two notes to produce one long one