Definitions for "Bcf"
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Billion cubic feet (of gas). In the U.S. oil and gas industry, the cubic foot is the standard unit of measurement of gas at atmospheric pressure. Billion is 1,000 million
Billion cubic feet, a billion defined as 1,000,000,000. On average 1 bcf of sales gas = 1.055 petajoules.
One billion standard cubic feet or one thousand MMcf or one million Mcf.
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Bulked Continuous Filament. Continuous strands of synthetic fiber made into yarn without spinning; often extruded in modified cross section such as multi-lobal, mushroom or bean shape and/or texturized to increase bulk and covering power.
Bulked Continuous Filament, the term given to continuous strands of synthetic fiber which are first extruded into yarn and then textured to increase bulk and coverage.
Bulked continuous Filament. Used to increase cover and bulk, these are the continuous strands of synthetic fiber used to form bundles of yarn. These strands are textured to create kinked and curled textures.
Bio Concentration Factor: ratio between the concentration in an organism and the concentration in an environmental compartment (waterborne exposure only).
Bioconcentration factor
BromoChlorodiFlouromethane (Halon 1211 Fire Retardant)
British Coatings Federation. The British Coatings Federation is the trade association for the paint and ink industry of the United Kingdom. BCF promotes the interest of the industry, and provides and interface between companies, government, other organisations and the general public.
British Cycling Federation.
British Chess Federation
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Bead and crevice free. Also known as fusion. A means of connecting pipes, valves and fitting via heat fusion, with a perfectly smooth internal joint.
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Byte Cipher Feedback Mode. Similar to the CFB mode except that instead of moving in groups of 64 bits, it moves in groups of 8 bits.