Definitions for "SCFM"
Standard cubic feet per minute., SCFM or scfm. Flow of free air measured at some reference point and converted to a standard set of reference conditions (e.g., 14.4 psia, 80° F, and 60% relative humidity.) Scfm means cfm at standard conditions. However, standards vary and some care is necessary. In the United states, the usual standard is 14.696 psiA and 60°F. Some chemical engineers will use one ATA and 0°C, but usually will be specific about the reference point. Europeans normally use one ATA and 0°C. It is not the same to all people, therefore it is best that the reference pressure and temperature be definitely specified. ( 099)
Standard Cubic Feet per Minute. The volume of gas flow per minute at standard temperature and pressure conditions (70°F at sea level).
Standard Cubic Feet per Minute is the measure of the volume of air delivered by a compressor or consumed by an air tool. If the Air tool requires more SCFM than the air compressor can deliver, the length of time the user can use the air tool will be dependent on the amount of compressed air stored. The larger the air tank capacity, the longer the air tool will run before the user will need to give the compressor a chance to replenish the compressed air.