Definitions for "Humidity"
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Moisture; dampness; a moderate degree of wetness, which is perceptible to the eye or touch; -- used especially of the atmosphere, or of anything which has absorbed moisture from the atmosphere, as clothing.
The content of water vapor in the air, expressed as a percent of the maximum amount of water vapor that the air can hold at the given temperature; also called relative humidity. The capacity of the air to hold moisture increases with temperature, so if the temperature changes without changing the absolute content of the atmospheric moisture, the relative humidity will also change.
A general term for the presence of water vapour in air. There is a known limit to the amount of water vapour that air can hold at any particular temperature. Absolute - The amount of moisture in air. It is usually expressed as the weight of water vapour in a unit weight of dry air Relative - At a given temperature, this is the amount of moisture in air as a percentage of the maximum moisture carrying capacity of the air.
The degree to which materials are inherently hydrophobic and resistant to hydrolysis.
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Humidity (2000) is an album by the American ambient musician Robert Rich. It is a three disc set of live material recorded in 1998.
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Humidity has a direct effect on the amount of charge (voltage) produced by a triboelectric event. Low levels of humidity produce higher voltage
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(see the main FAQ Q/A 2A.17)
an environment condition to give the most large influence to an occurrence of a migration
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Humidity is a cross-platform C++ library for playing MIDI files in games.