Definitions for "Games"
With its unique design with powerful graphics handling and sound capabilites, the Amiga has always been considered a games machine, but this requirement is now being actively pursued on every other platform now that relatively cheap graphic and sounds have become readily available. The simple games of yesterday are now becoming larger and often much more complex to play, many requiring high-end machines to take advantage of the options available. Depending on your particular tastes there is a wide range of games to choose from, loosely broken down into the following categories - Adventure games, Arcade games, Bat and Ball games, Beat-em-up games, Educational games, God games, Platform games, Puzzle and Quiz games, Racing games, Role-playing games, Shoot-em-up games, Simulation games, Sports games, Strategy games and War games.
an arcade racer
a story that you guys should pursue
Games are a form of entertainment. Computer games are a type of software. See our games.
a news site for handheld gaming
an important component of the sports development process in our country and must be supported with a view to developing it into the prestigious event it deserves to be
Number of games the player has played in.
Games played by the Hoi-Polloi always involve gambling. Games include Odds'n'evens, Rock'Paper'Scissors, Horz'n'geek'l, F'lit Fing'r and Thumb wrestling.
Video Games, Role playing, Gambling...
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a card for beginning video players
Engadget hello, nintendo Japanese Video Games Kotaku News - All Nintendo Wii Fanboy - Latest News PSP Wallpaper Photo Pool Slashdot: Games
"Games" (遊戲 - 基) is an album by Cantopop singer Leo Ku, released on November 28, 2003. The album "Games" is based on the theme of video games and was recorded in 2003 after Leo Ku's brief 2 year hiatus from singing Cantopop. His current manager Paco Wong persuaded Leo Ku to come back to Hong Kong's Cantopop scene.
structured learning activities that involve rules for playing, winning and ending the activity. There is usually an element of competition involved.
a slightly different competition with the smaller fleets, but you have got to set yourself some ambitious targets to achieve
Computer games can be purchased in CD or DVD format, and then installed on your computer. Some games can also be downloaded. Games can be played using devices such as XBox, or over the Internet, either by yourself or against enthusiasts anywhere else in the world.
Leisure activities include ball games (including volleyball), dancing, the slapslat dance, jogging, limbo, relay races, hop-skip-jump.
a generic term that encompasses all SCA equestrian activities.
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a show on GIGA TV
a simple plug'n'play procedure
Most phones now come with computer game playing capability, coming complete with several simple games and the ability to download more from the internet. For example, common games are poker, Tetris and solitaire.
Not things like hide and seek, but basic computer games that you can play on your mobile. Depending on your phone, these range from being very crude and simple to colourful, graphics-filled extravaganzas.
a good opportunity for Subic Bay to show what it has to offer the visitors in its bid to be internationally prominent
an opportunity for all of you to see and cheer the Malaysian contingent in action
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Gardens Genealogy
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"Games" is the fourth episode of the first season of sea Quest DSV. It originally aired on October 3 1993.
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a thing of beauty and a joy forever too
a breath of fresh air from all the political turmoil that is happening in the country
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a BIG company and so they can get all the copyrights n sponsers
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a tradition that distinguishes Fuqua from other business education programs
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a lack of a dash button
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Hook up your PS2,or any games consoles for the ultimate in nail biting action.
The individual components of a dart match.
Acronym for Global Aerosols Monitoring Experiment from Space.
a key factor to Linux gaining widespread acceptance in many markets
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a huge corporation
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an American company, yes
a trademark of Ultra Software
Phones which have a number of games installed in their software.
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a challenge of skills for one to eight players
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a lot for this city to absorb
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an Electronic Arts brand
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a major selling point of the DS
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includes word games, and interactive games.
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Search the Web
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See Language games