Definitions for "Widespread"
Usually 8" from center of handle-to-handle, this style of bathroom lavatory faucet has separate spout and handles.
A style of bathroom lavatory faucet having separate spout and handles. Usually 8" from center of handle-to-handle. Some widespread faucets can be set with handles up to 12" apart. (Picture)
A style of lavatory faucet where the spout and handles are separate. Flex hoses are used between the spout and handles to allow adjustable centers, although this style of faucet is typically used on 8" or 12" centers.
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Spread to a great distance; widely extended; extending far and wide; as, widespread wings; a widespread movement.
widely circulated or diffused; "a widespread doctrine"; "widespread fear of nuclear war"
distributed over a considerable extent; "far-flung trading operations"; "the West's far-flung mountain ranges"; "widespread nuclear fallout"
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Showers covering nearly all of an area. Used primarily for emphasis.