Definitions for "doctrine"
Teaching; instruction.
That which is taught; what is held, put forth as true, and supported by a teacher, a school, or a sect; a principle or position, or the body of principles, in any branch of knowledge; any tenet or dogma; a principle of faith; as, the doctrine of atoms; the doctrine of chances.
Latin doctrina, variant of doctor -- teachings or something taught as the principle or creed of a religion, political party, etc.; tenets (maintenance or defense of a theory or principle); dogma (handed down by authority as true and indisputable); a rule or theory of law, based on carefully worked out principles and advanced by its adherents.
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doutrina Doctrine
doctrine - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
A document processing tool that transforms XML source documents using Python and XSLT.
a planning and training tool, not a strategic policy declaration
a highly compressed version of what it purports to describe or explain, but the compression process is not precise and always loses some key details
A philosophy or approach to life which governs the way people think or act
A statement of governmental policy.
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an abstract thing