Definitions for "Ultra"
British codename for high-level intelligence derived from breaking German Enigma encrypted signals
High-grade communications intelligence.
British cover name for all high grade intelligence derived from many sources, including Enigma
Going beyond others, or beyond due limit; extreme; fanatical; uncompromising; as, an ultra reformer; ultra measures.
One who advocates extreme measures; an ultraist; an extremist; a radical.
(used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm; "extremist political views"; "radical opinions on education"; "an ultra conservative"
Ultra is Depeche Mode's ninth full-length album, which was released on April 15, 1997. The album is the first album after the departure of Alan Wilder, who left to focus on his solo project Recoil. The long time that separates this album from the previous was due to David Gahan's near suicide and recovery from addiction to drugs.
ULTra ("Urban Light Transport") is a personal rapid transit system from Advanced Transport Systems Ltd in Cardiff, Wales. The system was conceived by Martin Lowson and his design team, and has had £10 million and 100 man-years put into the project. As of December, 2006, there are no commercial installations of ULTra; a pilot project is under construction at London's Heathrow Airport^Media%20Centre^News%20Releases^Results "BAA signs agreement to develop innovative transport system" BAA plc Press Release - 20 October 2005, and is scheduled to open to the public in 2008.
Ultra is an eight-issue comic book mini-series created by the Luna Brothers, Jonathan (art and plot) and Joshua (script), and published by in 2004 and 2005. The series' central character is Pearl Penalosa, who is also a superheroine called Ultra. The story deals only peripherally with traditional superhero comics themes, like fighting supervillains, but concentrates mainly on how being a superhero affects Pearl's personal life.
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an overclocked Pro
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a strange experience
A term used to describe a SCSI defined synchronous transmission rate of between 10 MHz and 20 MHz.
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Ultra (also recording as Rider) is an English male pop band, which was most successful in the late 1990s.