Definitions for "MD5"
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Message Digest 5. A one-way hash algorithm that maps variable length plaintext into fixed-length (16 byte) ciphertext.
Message Digest 5, HMAC-MD5 (RFC 2403) is a hash algorithm that is used to authenticate packet data. It produces a 128-bit message digest. See also Hash and SHA1.
An iterative cryptographic hash function that is used for message authentication, including digital signatures. The function was developed in 1991 by Rivest.
MD5's or MD5sums are long alphanumeric strings used to verify some data set. In terms of trading, MD5's are used to create unique numbers that verify that a Shortened audio file is intact and accurate. It is very important to utilize MD5's to make sure the downloaded files are complete.
File extension (.md5) for a text file containing checksums for Shorten files. Also used as shorthand to refer to either the overall .md5 file or to an individual checksum string for a Shorten file. See [SHN & MD5 FAQ] for more info.
A widely used method of for creating digital signatures used to authenticate and verify the integrity of data. Show related articles
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