Definitions for "RAM"
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The aim of this project is to realize an implementation of a Random Access Machine .
A common type of computer memory that functions as a machines primary workspace. It can be accessed randomly. That is, any byte of memory can be accessed without touching the bytes before or after itThe more RAM your computer has, the more efficiently it will operate.
Internal memory used by your computer to run programs and do tasks. The information in RAM is erased when a computer is turned off.
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(lit., one who is pleasing, delightful) The seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Rama is seen as the embodiment of dharma and is the object of great devotion. He is the central character in the Indian epic Ramayana.
In Hindu mythology ram is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and the warrior hero of the holy Hindu epic, the Ramayana. He is also regarded as the embodiment of righteousness.
Lord Ram, a manifestation of God on earth, in India, prior to Lord Krishna's manifestation. The Ramayana, one of the greatest epics of world literature, contains the story of His life.
Mortgage, most commonly used by the elderly who have substantial equity in their homes. A periodic payment is made to the borrower from the lender thus, increasing the loan balance, causing negative amortization.
See Reverse Annuity Mortgage
Reverse Annuity Mortgage. A mortgage which uses present equity in the property fo fund monthly payments from the lender to the borrower-in lieu of the borrower receiving the proceeds of the loan in a lump sum.
The male of the sheep and allied animals. In some parts of England a ram is called a tup.
uncastrated adult male sheep
Uncastrated male of sheep, any age.
A hydraulic ram. See under Hydraulic.
The plunger of a hydraulic press.
A hydraulically powered piston used for driving a weight.
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An engine of war used for butting or battering.
In ancient warfare, a long beam suspended by slings in a framework, and used for battering the walls of cities; a battering-ram.
Battering-ram. (Gies, Joseph and Francis. Life in a Medieval Castle, 226)
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Aries, the sign of the zodiac which the sun enters about the 21st of March.
The constellation Aries, which does not now, as formerly, occupy the sign of the same name.
(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Aries
see RealMedia
Metafile that points to a Real Media file.
A metafile which points to a RealMedia file.
The amount of pressure build up above ambient pressure at the engine's compressor inlet, due to forward motion of the engine through the air - air's initial momentum. ( 0301)
the amount of pressure buildup above ambient pressure at the engine's compressor inlet due to the forward motion of the engine through the air (initial momentum of the air).
r Arbeitsspeicher, r Speicher
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Ram is Paul Mc Cartney's second solo album, officially credited to Paul and Linda Mc Cartney, and was released in 1971. The only time one of McCartney's efforts received a co-credit with his wife, it was seen by many as a response to John Lennon's many collaborative projects with wife Yoko Ono.
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Radar Absorbant Materials- Advanced materials which absorb radar waves
Radar Absorbing Material - a special paint, carbon fibre, plastic, or iron ferrite coating that is applied to parts of an aircraft to reduce its radar cross-section
Radar Absorbent Material@ƒŒ[ƒ_[“d”g‹zŽûÞB“Á'è‚͈̔͂̔g'·‚Ì“d”g‚ð‹zŽû‚µA”MƒGƒlƒ‹ƒM[“(tm)‚É•ÏŠ·‚·‚鎖‚É‚æ‚Á‚ăŒ[ƒ_[”g‚Ì”1/2ŽË‚ð–h‚®‘fÞB
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RAM is a mizik rasin band based in the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The band derives its name from the initials of its founder, songwriter, and lead male vocalist, Richard A. Morse.
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(Aram)--In Messianic genealogy. Lu 3:33.
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To butt or strike against; to drive a ram against or through; to thrust or drive with violence; to force in; to drive together; to cram; as, to ram an enemy's vessel; to ram piles, cartridges, etc.
To fill or compact by pounding or driving.
a tool for driving or forcing something by impact
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The ram is when you're attacking from behind, and you start ramming her head against the wall or headboard in a rhythmic motion. The force of the wall should allow for deeper penetration. Very handy for those lulls in penile sensitivity.
Responsibility Assignment Matrix. A depiction of the relationship between the Contract Work Breakdown Structure elements and the organizations assigned responsibility for ensuring their accomplishment.
See Responsibility/Accountability Matrix See Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Responsibility Assignment Matrix. A structure that relates the project organization structure to the Work Breakdown Structure to help ensure that each element of the project’s scope of work is assigned to a responsible individual.
Ram (born in 1988) is a Telugu film star who debuted with sensational hit, Devadasu.
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Ringback Tone RS-MMC
The main reciprocating member of a press, guided in the press frame, to which the punch or upper die is fastened.
The press component which applies force against the dummy block. Ram and stem are interchangeable terms describing any extension of the main cylinder in an extrusion press.
The main plunger or shaft of a metallic ammunition reloading tool.
resolution Risograph router
Resale. router
a horizontal underwater projection of ice from an ice front, ice wall, iceberg or floe.
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Vehicle of Agni
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Road Rage
The moving member of an EDM machine on which the electrode or electrode holder is mounted. A dovetail guided arrangement.
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A heavy steel or iron beak attached to the prow of a steam war vessel for piercing or cutting down the vessel of an enemy; also, a vessel carrying such a beak.
Release Abatement Measure. Under the MCP, a RAM is an action that may be taken by the responsible party to limit or localize a chemical release until a more comprehensive remedial action can be taken.
crowd or pack to capacity; "the theater was jampacked"
Ramsar Site Wetlands recognized by the Ramsar Convention as being of international importance, especially as waterfowl habitat.
Rolling Airframe Missile, an new short range AW weapons system being introduced in some ship classes.
An intricate docking maneuver sometimes used by experienced skippers.
Driven (movable) part of a metalforming machine.
Ram is a fictional Japanese superhero in the DC Comics universe.
Two deadlocked, directly opposing pawns.
A closure mechanism on a blowout-preventer stack.
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Ramenskoye Flight Test Center in the former USSR
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Remainder RJ-11
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Real return Recourse
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The minutes of right ascension 30
Process of packing sand in a mold using a hand, pneumatic or mechanized ramming device.
undergo damage or destruction on impact; "the plane crashed into the ocean"; "The car crashed into the lamp post"
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The weight which strikes the blow, in a pile driver, steam hammer, stamp mill, or the like.
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Residence Abroad Matters
Resource Allocation Method used by Oxford University
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The moving portion of the head of a crimping tool.
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Component powered by gas to move bolt forward and backwards. Makes the 'gun semi-automatic.
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Front tackle or head to the stomach.
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The forward motion of the screw in the plasticator barrel that forces the melt into the mold cavity.
A specially designed steel structure with heavy face plate. It moves horizontally in the charge box, forcing the refuse into the compaction container.
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the name of the first male ancestor of the second age of the world.
A synonym for Radio Alarm Monitoring. See also Radio Network.
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Radioactive Material
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to hit or push with force.
reliability, availability, maintainability
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Generally refers to solid-state chips. In the case of DVD-RAM, the term was borrowed to indicate ability to read and write at any point on the disc.
Resource Allocation Model [for the University
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Ramp wave
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relative atomic mass. The mass of an atom relative to one atom of carbon. Carbon has a RAM of 12.
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See 'Force Plug'
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Risk Assessment Method
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Short for Radio Active Material(s).
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Range Bonds
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Real Audio