Definitions for "blowout"
the sudden escape of gas or liquid confined under pressure, such as in a gas or oil well, or in a system containing pressurized air or steam.
An unexpected violent eruption of oil and gas from a well during the drilling phase of operation. This happens when high pressure gas is encountered and the proper precautions have not been taken. The initial eruption is followed by an uncontrolled flow of fluids from the well.
an uncontrolled flow of gas, oil, or other well fluids into the atmosphere or into an underground formation. A blowout, or gusher, can occur when formation pressure exceeds the pressure applied to it by the column of drilling fluid.
the sudden deflation of an inflatable tire due to a puncture or rupture, often accompanied by a bang.
Wind-eroded area within a dune system.
A deep, bowl-like depression scoured out of desert terrain by a turbulent vortex of wind.
flushing design concept relying entirely on high water volume, no siphoning action.
A flushing design using a non-siphoning trapway at the rear of the bowl, and an integral flushing rim, relying entirely on high water volume.
When part of the skin inside a piercing is forced out of the skin tunnel as a result of trying to stretch a piercing too rapidly. This leaves a flap of flesh that hangs outside the piercing hole, and can have a tingling sensation.
When a piercing is stretched before it is healed causing a build up of extra tissue around the back of the piercing.
a risk of stretching too fast, when the flesh tube is forced out the front or back of the piercing.
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A one-sided game in which one player gets all the good tiles and wins easily. Also called GRANNIE or NO-BRAINER.
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a gay or lavish festivity.
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a hairstyle for boys usually worn by hispanic and black people
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The quick sale of all shares of a new stock offering. see also hot issue.
The quick sale of all shares in an IPO.
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an easy victory
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When a ball hits light in the pocket but leaves one or two pins. Common pins left on a blowout hit would be a 10, 7 or a 7-10 split.
Knocking down all but one pin.
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Vent damage caused by laying an oversize egg.
Failure of a tyre, allowing the compressed air to escape very rapidly.
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a short, final workout, usually a day or two before a race.
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The rapid sale of all shares in a new securities offering. See: hot issue.
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Blue chip company Blue chip stocks