Definitions for "Subsidence"
A gentle epeirogenic movement in which a broad area of the crust sinks without appreciable deformation.
Descent of air over a wide area, associated with a developing ridge or anticyclone. The subsidising air warms up, its relative humidity falls, and fine weather is the usual accompaniment of subsidence, though fog may occur under certain conditions.
Sinking or downwarping of a part of the earth's surface.
Subsidence is when the elevation of the ground drops slowly over time as water is pumped out and used for commercial and domestic uses. Since 1973 most of Harris County has fallen 1 foot with some areas falling as much as 5 feet. The Harris Galveston Subsidence District was created to monitor and address this problem and the rate of subsidence has been greatly reduced throughout most of the county. Back
Compression of soft aquifer materials in a confined aquifer due to pumping of water from the aquifer. Subsidence has occurred in Las Vegas Valley within the Study Unit.
the settlement of land which may be attributable to the removal of support by water.
Lowering of the soil level caused by the shrinkage of organic layers. This shrinkage is due to desiccation, consolidation and biological oxidation.
The falling or failure of soils.
A general lowering of the land surface by consolidation or removal of underlying soil.
an abatement in intensity or degree (as in the manifestations of a disease); "his cancer is in remission"
Reduction in ground support which may cause damage.
The progressive reduction or suppression of oscillation in a device or system.
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The act or process of subsiding.