Definitions for "Slumping"
A landslide that results from the downward sliding of rock debris as a single mass, usually with a backward rotation relative to the slope along which the movement takes place.
The formation of a landslide that develops where strong, resistant rocks overlie weak rocks.
A landslide; the separation of a land or soil mass from a land surface and its movement downslope.
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Method of shaping glass by heating in a furnace until it melts enough to sag over a former
Use of heat to bend glass into decorative shapes.
Slumping is a categorical description of an area of techniques for the forming of glass through the use of heating glass to the point where it becomes plastic. It is generally formed by the force of gravity. Glass is most commonly heated in an oven, often using glass in a sheet form and 'slumping 'it over a form or into a mold.