Definitions for "Vegas"
Vegas is the first album released by the electronic music duo The Crystal Method.
The Vegas is a Gottlieb pinball machine with a card game theme. It first appeared in July 1990. About 1500 were manfactured.
Vegas is the first episode of season 5 of Fox's Malcolm in the Middle, written by Michael Glouberman and Andrew Orenstein, and directed by Bryan Cranston (Hal). It originally aired on November 2, 2003.
Vegas is a fictional character from the Marvel Universe. Debuting in Amazing Fantasy #13, Vegas is the protagonist of a modern superhero Western set in the Marvel comics universe, although the story's immediate setting (in or near Austin, Texas) bears little resemblance to the widescreen, big-budget superhero setting of Marvel's best-known characters.
(vay-gas)...(n.)...considered the ultimate destination of many local Hawaiians.
See Vocational and Educational Guidance for Aboriginals Scheme.