Definitions for "deflation"
A decline in general price levels, often caused by a reduction in the supply...
a fall in the average prices of goods and services; -- usually associated with contraction of economic activity. Opposite of inflation. Compare disinflation.
the reduction of available credit or a contraction of economic activity resulting from or associated with a decline of prices.
Keywords:  erosion, desert, dune, wind, silt
the erosion of land structures such as sand or soil due to the action of wind.
Erosion of dunes by wind action.
Removal of fine particles by wind erosion.
The removal of the archaeological soils by water, leaving heavier items and artifacts in place, but dispersing lighter artifacts.
Keywords:  beach, profile, lowering
a lowering of the beach profile.
Keywords:  letting, something, air, act
the act of letting the air out of something.
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Keywords:  goes, down, item, value, property
When the value of an item (e.g. property) goes down in value.
Keywords:  act, process
the act or process of deflating.