Definitions for "Artifacts"
Visual effects introduced into an image during scanning that aren't in the original material. May include such things as dots, pixellation, straight or wavy lines, patterns, etc. See also: Pixel Last Reviewed: 2003-03-01
(or "artifacting"): Imperfections in an interlaced image when an object begins to move and, during a split- second, you can still see it (or parts of it) in its previous position. Particularly noticeable with horizontal lines, such as a door frame, as the camera pans horizontally.
Are false information that can be present in an image. They can appear as spots, patterns, lines, jagged edges or any other localized imprefection. These can be caused by signal processing, electrical noise or optical imperfections.
Artifacts (1994) is a tribal ambient album by the American artist Steve Roach. This album is a follow up to 1993’s Origins.
The Artifacts were a hip-hop duo from Newark, New Jersey, consisting of Tame One and El Da Sensei. Their musical style was underground, and they were known to represent the four elements of hip hop. The Artifacts' first single "Wrong Side of Da Tracks" paid special homage to graffiti art, as they were graffiti artists themselves.
Light pierces a crumbling rock wall, a laser of some kind cutting into earth. Two beings Moyra and gray float down into an underground chamber full of artifacts of a lost era. They are revealed to be people each with two glowing orbs floating around their heads.
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Hominine Paranthropus
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Artifacts is the seventh episode from season 4 of The Batman (TV series). It was directed by Brandon Vietti and written by Greg Weisman. It first aired on February 3, 2007.
Special objects found at the end of dungeons. You have an option of sending them up to Odin, but since almost all of them can be a)converted for wicked amounts of MP b)transmuted into an even better item or c)equipped, you'll keep them, like the greedy valkyrie you are. Artifacts can also refer to items given to you from Odin, at the end of each Sacred Phase.
Any object made, modified, or used by humans.
This is the name given to the objects that are found in archaeology, and are the items left behind by people in the past.
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Granuloma Proteolytic
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Lindane Riboflavin
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Insulin Pruritus
Physical evidence remaining from the presence of other organisms. close window
Evidence that ancient people (before written history) used to live in a location. Examples of artifacts include: rock art, arrowheads, pottery, and burial mounds.
The most powerful magical items. They include weapons of massive power and suits of armor that can make the wearer withstand nearly any physical or magical attacks.
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Hormones Respiratory
Black spots or other kinds of inconsistencies in a rendering. Usually caused from poorly calculated lights and shadows. Artifacts can be removed or at least reduced by using higher AA settings.
Signs and failure that shows, when decompressing JPG files
The materials deliberately produced or used by past peoples.
Products, articles and goods that humans create and used, often serving to help interpret their behaviors, values or beliefs.
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Definition of artifacts