Definitions for "Aliasing"
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Aliasing is the term used to describe the unwanted frequencies which are produced when a sound is sampled at a rate which is less than twice the frequency of the highest frequency component in the sound. These unwanted frequencies are typically high frequency tweets and whistles. E-mu sampling technology is designed to virtually eliminate audible aliasing.
In sound and image generation, aliasing is the generation of a false (alias) frequency along with the correct one when doing frequency sampling. For images, this produces a jagged edge, or stair-step effect. For sound, it produces a buzz.
In graphic design, aliasing occurs when a computer monitor, printer, or graphics file does not have a high enough resolution to represent a graphic image or text. An aliased image is often said to have the "jaggies."
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An unwanted effect that usually occurs on blinds, checkered clothes, garage doors or other symetrically arranged items - this is usually characterised by "waves" forming over the object rather than it remaining still. Though some DVD transfers have managed to improve this over video, it still occasionally occurs.
Effect where tail of probability distribution wraps around and appears at beginning of distribution. This is the same effect that makes wagon wheels appear to go backwards in movies.
A synonym for confounding, in which one or more effects that cannot unambiguously be attributed to a single factor or interaction.
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aliasing is taking two logically distinct entities and causing them to be treated as equivalent, at least in certain contexts. Aliasing is similar to suturing, but the assertion is weaker ( x == y, not x is y), and is trivial to undo.
(redirecting): Using a fictitious address with which to send and receive e-mail. Typically done to avoid having people write to long "real" e-mail addresses or if underlying e-mail address is subject to change. Provides a permanent address to the world.
The redirecting of email from one address to another address or multiple addresses. Aliases are typically used in place of actual addresses that are long or subject to change. Aliases also allow you to create a larger, more professional company image.
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Intraframe coding
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registering additional domain names, for instance of brands or product names, or former company names, and linking them to the main web site. (eg: CGU have merged with Norwich Union, so has now been mapped, or forwarded, to the Norwich Union website. Amazon have registered their name in countries around the world to protect their brand name.)
Substituting one item for another. The iPlanet Compass Server uses aliasing when importing resource descriptions from another Compass Server that has a different schema.
The introduction of spurious or inaccurate information into the analog-digital-analog conversion process, caused by errors in the digitization process.
Referencing a variable by more than one name. Examples of aliasing include: Passing the same variable as two or more actual arguments. Using the EQUIVALENCE statement. Referencing an element of an array declared in common with an out-of-bounds subscript. Passing a common variable as an actual argument. In general, aliasing inhibits optimization.
(1.) A compilation process that attempts to determine what aliases exist, so that optimization does not result in incorrect program results.
conceals email addresses for external presentation to prevent unauthorised use or identification of personal information.
In software metering, a process that enables a program to run and be monitored as another program that is already a registered product. See also software metering.
The ability of a shell to assign a name or an alias to a set of commands and to use the alias to execute the commands.
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See: Alias