Definitions for "Smoothing"
A method used to vary speed and movement of material and knife-head of a plotter, making for less-jagged transitions between nodes during cutting.
To blur the boundaries between objects and tones in an image to remove rough or jagged edges.
To blur the boundaries between tones of an image, usually to reduce a rough or jagged appearance.
A technique used to make curves smoother in an image by averaging pixels with their neighbors.
Techniques/procedures for removing small erratic changes from data. This is usually applied to line and surface data. In mapping applications this is often used to create a better visual product -- may be referred to as smoothed data.
The reduction of the local variability of data and, when applied to a spatially distributed variable, results in a reduction of local variance. Smoothing, applied to a line, results in a reduction in the sharpness of angles between line segments.
A method of filtering, interpolating, and extrapolating to smooth raw data into a map (One smoothing technique is kriging).
An interpolation technique that attempts to remove jaggedness from bitmap images, which may be useful, for example, when screen bitmaps are printed at higher resolution.
A rendering procedure that performs vertex-normal interpolation across a face before lighting calculations begin. The individual facets are then no longer visible.
The retention and application of investment fluctuation reserves to maintain a consistent crediting rate in a superannuation fund, notwithstanding volatility in the fund's actual earnings rate from year to year.
The maintenance of investment fluctuation reserve by an investment fund to maintain consistency in the rate in which fund earnings are credited to members' account, despite any volatility in the fund's actual earnings rate from year to year.
An adjustment of investment returns to achieve a less volatile crediting rate usually by using Reserves.
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The smoothing of vessel surfaces can be achieved by wiping, burnishing or the application of slip.
Differences between two group s are played down and the strong points of agreement are given the most attention. [D01860] PMK87 In resource-scheduling, this refers to an option that modifies the way time-limited scheduling (and resource-limited with thresholds) work s. The objective of time-limited scheduling is to minimize the maximum extent that each resource availability needs to be exceeded, and the standard algorithm gives itself the maximum flexibility to achieve this by making use of any excess already incurred. The smoothing option modifies this so that it will not use the excess for a part icular activity unless necessary in order to schedule that activity within its total float. [D01861] WST
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Reduces frizz or unruly hair for a sleek finish.
A "rounding-off" of a curve, removing minor peaks and valleys, to create a more readable curve, using a method that is equivalent to warbling the input signal.
The adjustment or manipulation of a data set to fit a model or curve, as in the use of the alpha factor in exponential smoothing.
component series are smoothed according to their MCD (months for cyclical dominance) values to reduce irregularity.
transformation which decreases the irregularities in an image. An image needs smoothing if there is a of lot tissue scatter is present and the number of acquired prompt events is limited
In polygonal modeling, a modification of the surface topology by smoothing out vertices and their connected edges. In other software packages, known as meshsmooth.
As higher magnification levels are reached, more details of an object are seen. This means that pixels become more apparent, giving a stair-step appearance. "Smoothing" attempts to compensate for this problem by combining bordering pixels with each other.
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Font smoothing is Microsoft's term for *grey-scale or *anti-aliased type.
Enhances the appearance of incoming faxes by making the lines smooth and takes no additional time.
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See traffic shaping.
fr. Smooth, v.