Definitions for "DPI - Dots Per Inch"
Keywords:  gicl, poorer, sharper, resolution, dots
A measure of the resolution of a screen image or printed page. Most jobs can be run at 1200 DPI for film output, high-end printing may require 2400 DPI, but requires more time and expense.
is a measure of resolution, or the amount of detail and information that an image contains. Dpi, specifically is the number of pixels or dots per square inch that make up a bitmap image. Typically, higher dpi images produce smoother and cleaner output because there are more dots that make up the color or detail of an image. Conversely, the lower the dpi or resolution, the poorer the output quality.
A measure of a printer's resolution, it refers to the dots of ink or toner used to print your text and graphics. The higher the DPI number, the better and sharper the image. DPI does not refer to image resolution although frequently used that way.