Definitions for "EGA"
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Enhanced Graphics Adapter. An improvement on the CGA. Allowed the computer monitor to display more dots per screen permitting 400x300 pixels at 16 colours or 300x200 at 256 colours.
Extended Graphics Adaptor. A standard for a computer's display which has a definition of 640 x 350 dots (pixels) in 16 colours from a choice of 64.
Abbreviation of enhanced graphics adapter, a graphics display system for PCs introduced by IBM in 1984. EGA supports 16 colors from a palette of 64 and provides a resolution of 640 by 350. This is better than CGA but not as good as VGA. EGA is now obsolete.
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EPP Ethernet
Enterprise Grid Alliance
(Environmental Grantmakers Association) • An association of private and corporate foundations that make, oversee, and direct donations to environmental groups.
Estimated Gestational Age. Estimated gestational age means how far along you are in your pregnancy. This is sometimes called Menstrual Age (MA), particularly in ultrasound reports.
Education Guidance Advisor. Member of University staff who provides guidance on studying at the University. EGAs provide advice on availability and appropriateness of modules, how to achieve University awards and how you might fund your studies.
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Total empty-net goals against