Definitions for "Awards"
A ribbon, trophy or rosette given for a placement.
badges -- decorations (medals and ribbons) --
See Ribbons and Medals.
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a nice short article about the fact that Diana Ossana and James Schamus won the Darryl F
Many people around the net grant awards to worthy sites, and one of the things you can do here (if you're a contributor) is apply for them. I've won quite a few.
a credit to our creativity, design expertise, and manufacturing excellence
a good thing and feels good to be recognized but leaves the other categories for the public to decide for him
a mark of excellence in the packaging field and recognition of superior achievement
Discussions Hinduism Sacred Thread Sri Vaishnavas Vaishnavism and Varnashram dharma Yatras
a Country Music Association production
a great platform for establishing new partnerships and presenting new ideas to the music industry
a measure of how hip the music scene was then
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Restricted gifts that are spent over one or more years. A minimum of $1,000 is required to open such a fund.
Formal decisions by the IRC which specify wages and conditions for groups of workers. They are legally binding on employers, employees and unions.
Legal documents setting out minimum rates of pay and conditions of employment which apply to employees in a particular workplace, organisation, industry or occupation. They set out hours of employment, pay rates, penalty rates, loadings, allowances, leave entitlements, employment protection or casual work. The parties involved in the making of an award may include one or more employers, employer organisations and unions (who represent employees). Laws and awards override employment contracts. An employer and employee cannot agree to ‘contract outâ€(tm) of an award, that is, offer pay or conditions lower than those in an award. NSW law requires an employer to exhibit a copy of all relevant awards in the workplace.
Tenegra and other website award groups can help give a website credibility.
a fast-growing association of expert websites specialised in digital imaging technologies and product reviews
an international organisation of digital imaging websites, all focussing on digital cameras and imaging tools
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a highlight of an already distingui
Entrance awards, bursaries and scholarships.
Some walks offer awards for sale as a souvenier of the event. Awards often take the shape of patches, pins, and other forms. There are sub-types of awards: "A" award: can be available at sanctioned events and are specifically designed for that event."B" award: can be available at sanctioned events, but are not specifically designed for that event.
an incorrect phrase, much like ATM machine or PIN number
a huge achievement for us, and marks a real high point for us
Included in ROAD are a small grouping of images which were identified by adjoining documentation as being award winning; i.e. if they were winners of the OBIE Award process. (There may be additional advertisements included in this database which were also award winners; however, since there was no documentation noting this achievement at the time they were entered into ROAD, they are not noted as award winners in the database.)
See the EDUCAUSE awards page for proper names of awards and fellowships.
a platform that has been created by the International Indian Film Academy to promote Indian cinema to the world
a way for all Americans to celebrate Latino presence in American pop culture
may include funding mechanisms, such as grants, cooperative agreements, interagency agreements, contracts, and/or other agreements.
are the decisions of arbitrators. Awards are made in writing and are enforceable in court under state and federal statutes. Enforcement actions, when necessary, are brought by the parties to the arbitration.
A general term describing the presentation of an item of monetary and/or other value to a person or persons. The amount of funding received from the sponsor.
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a new company just starting out
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Container for one or more awards