Definitions for "Cooperative"
A type of corporate ownership of real property whereby stockholders of the corporation are entitled to use a certain dwelling unit or other units of space. Special income tax laws allow the tenant stockholders to deduct interest and property taxes paid by the corporation.
(sometimes known as “the co-op”) — In agriculture, this usually refers to an organization owned and used by farmers mainly to handle the off-farm part of their businesses – buying farm supplies, marketing their products, furnishing electric and telephone service, and providing business services – at cost. There are approximately 3,500 farmer cooperatives in the United States .
An enterprise owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services.
An aggregate of consumers, self-organized, joined together to make utility service available in their area.
A group of persons organized in a joint venture for the purpose of supplying electricity to a specified area. Such ventures are generally exempt from federal income tax laws. The Rural Electric Service (RES, formerly the Rural Electrification Administration or REA) financed most cooperatives.
A joint venture organized by consumers to make electric utility service available in their area.
A group in which several retailers pool their resources to buy products at a discount from manufacturers; also called group buying.
A group of farmers bound together to achieve a common goal in coffee picking.
A form of business owned by the customers. There are many types of farmer-owned cooperatives that provide supplies and services or buy and sell agricultural commodities. The Capper-Volstead Act of 1922 exempted cooperatives from restrictions of the antitrust law and established government support and assistance to farmer cooperatives as a national policy.
learning Involves the more conventional notion of cooperation, in that learners work in small groups on an assigned project or problem under the guidance of the trainer. Also see collaborative learning.
A confederated ranching enterprise organized for the purpose of improving the profitability and sustainability of cooperating producers.
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A democratically organized group of small producers. Usually they are organized to obtain, collectively, what the members would not be able to attain alone. These things include processing, marketing and technical assistance.
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a willingness and ability to work with others
(or co-operative) inclined to work together with another or others for a common purpose
A group of independent travel agencies formed temporarily out of a joint interest in promoting a product or event.
Voluntary association of school districts that band together to provide special education services using a shared administrative structure.
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Core Capital
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Convertible ARM's Credit Report
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ARS 4-222, 4-227; Rule R19-1-303
an organization that is operated collectively by its owners
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see “ Electric Cooperative
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See " Co-op".