Definitions for "NOMINEE"
A person named, or designated, by another, to any office, duty, or position; one nominated, or proposed, by others for office or for election to office. One remains a nominee until one has been elected or has assumed the office.
person chosen to run for public office; a candidate
an individual or corporate body, normally appointed by the charity trustees, whose function is to hold the legal title to the charity's property or investments on behalf of the charity trustees
Company or private individual used to act as owner or director of a company on behalf of another party. This is who you say owns or runs the company.
A person who holds property on behalf of another.
A type of account for holding shares with online brokerages. It means the broker does not have to issue individual share certificates to everyone.
a person appointed by the policyholder (where the life insured and the policyholder is the same person), to give valid discharge to EFU Life in respect of the benefits payable under the policy in the event of the death of the Life Insured
a person nominated by a licensee or permittee and approved by the Director of Liquor Licensing
a person who is not a real owner or director of the company, but who is appointed by the real owner to act in this capacity
A modest gentleman shrinking from the distinction of private life and diligently seeking the honorable obscurity of public office.
a politician who is running for public office
an individual whose application has been approved by the province of New Brunswick and forwarded to the visa post for final processing
a teacher identified through a public nomination process
A party who represents another.
One who, in a limited sense, acts for or represents another.