Definitions for "Personal representative"
If an account holder dies and the account is not in joint names, personal representative(s) can be registered on the account. In due course, after completion of legal formalities, the personal representatives will be able to deal with the account on behalf of the estate of the deceased person.
A person who administers a deceased person's estate. If there is a will and the personal representative is named in it they are known as an executor. If there is no will, or they are appointed by the court, they are known as an administrator. For more on the responsibilities of a personal representative, see the Customer Guide to IHT.
If someone dies, a personal representative is appointed to deal with the dead person's estate. If there is a will, the executors appointed will be the personal representatives. If there is no will, the courts will appoint someone.
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a person who has the responsibility and authority to gather and distribute your assets as you have designated in your Will
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One who stands in the place of another..