Definitions for "Durable power of attorney"
Exists when a person executes a POA which will become or remain effective in the event the principle later becomes disabled; includes conservator powers and authority to make medical decisions when a Living Will or Advanced Directive is included.
Legal instrument that appoints an individual to make decisions in the event of another person's incapacitation.
A document that authorizes someone to act as the agent or ''attorney in fact" for another person (called the ''principal'') even if the principal becomes incapacitated or incompetent. Ordinarily, a power of attorney loses its validity when the principal becomes incompetent. A durable power must specifically state that it will remain valid in spite of the principal's incapacity or incompetence.
an inexpensive way to control your financial destiny and may
a simple and inexpensive way to avoid guardianship
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a necessity if you own real estate and a minor may inherit part or all it
an instrument
a written instrument by which a principal
Legal instrument permitting one to grant others general or specific powers for administering their finances.
a directive naming a person that you have chosen to either make choices for you regarding life-sustaining measures or to follow your Living Will
a person you name to take care of your financial affairs
a simple, cost-effective alternative to judicial
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an essential
an asset management device which usually includes authority over medical treatment
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a form of agency
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an important part of the planning process