Definitions for "POA"
Power of Attorney. An Attorney is the person who is legally appointed by the account holder and is given the power to handle all of the person's affairs.
The patient identifies and authorizes a relative, friend or professional to follow their written directives and make health and/or financial decisions on their behalf. Frequently this directive precedes failing health to ensure that the patient’s wishes are followed. The patient may cancel this legal document, in writing, at any time.
Power of Attorney A legal document that provides for financial management and decision making when a person is incapacitated, physically and/or mentally
A genus of grasses, including a great number of species, as the kinds called meadow grass, Kentucky blue grass, June grass, and spear grass (which see).
chiefly perennial grasses of cool temperate regions
Poa is the genus of all bluegrasses. Pratensis is the species name for Kentucky bluegrass. Poa annua is annual bluegrass. There's also Poa trivialis (rough bluegrass) and Poa compressa (Canada bluegrass).
Portable Object Adapter. A CORBA standard for building server-side applications that are portable across heterogeneous ORBs.
An object adapter is the mechanism that connects a request using an object reference with the proper code to service that request. The POA is a particular type of object adapter specified by OMG that can be used with multiple ORB implementations with a minimum of rewriting needed to deal with different vendors' implementations. The POA is also intended to allow persistent objects -- at least, from the client's perspective. That is, as far as the client is concerned, these objects are always alive, and maintain data values stored in them, even though physically, the server may have been restarted many times, or the implementation may be provided by many different object implementations.
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Acronym for Property Owners Association. A POA is one of two types of management groups that usually oversee time-share expenses, upkeep and future resort property, including the selection of a management company.
acronym for point of application
Acronym for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Pacific Ocean Area (World War II)
Pacific Ocean Area OSTERN Code name for Lae-Finschhafen-Madang operations
POA is Partial Order Alignment, a fast program for multiple sequence alignment in bioinformatics. Its advantages are speed, scalability, sensitivity, and the superior ability to handle branching / indels in the alignment.
Point Of Attack.
Point of Aim. the point where the line of sight intersects the flight of the bullet
place of articulation. ˈples əv ˌɑɹˌtɪkjəˈleʃn̩
abbreviation for place of articulation
priority of access. Priority of access guidelines are generally referred to when a service has a large waiting list and a number of parents competing for a limited number of vacant places. Priority groups for child care access include children at risk of abuse or neglect, families in hardship, and families where both parents (or the sole parent) are working or have work related commitments.
Programme of Action, established at the United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (2001)
Plan of Action
Point of Action is the location of a conversion event.
Programming of Appeals – a timetable indicating when an appeal against a rating list entry will be dealt with.
Physician Organization Arrangement. See physician hospital organization.
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Post Office Agency
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price on application