Definitions for "curator "
Curator is a powerful script that allows one to generate Web page image galleries with the intent of displaying photographic images on the Web, or for a CD-ROM presentation and archiving. It generates static Web pages only - no special configuration or running scripts are required on the server.
A powerful, themeable image gallery generator for static HTML pages.
One who has the care and superintendence of anything, as of a museum; a custodian; a keeper.
One appointed to act as guardian of the estate of a person not legally competent to manage it, or of an absentee; a trustee; a guardian.
guardian for young persons over the age of puberty and under 25; and for the insane and the spendthrift.
A person who has been appointed by a judge to oversee an incapacitated persons affairs.
The Curator is a fictional Artificial intelligence from the Freedom City campaign setting of the superhero role-playing game Mutants and Masterminds. It is analogous to DC's Brainiac or Marvel's Collector, with the former more closely.
a multifunctional mediator
a member of this time and space who is responsible for a social branch that delivers, promotes, conserves, studies and disseminates the meaning of the 'idea' of the 'art' by showing 'objects' on display
a professional who has obtained a degree in fine arts and art history from a university or art school
See conservator.