Definitions for "Librarian"
One who has the care of a library and its contents, selecting the books, documents and non-book materials which comprise its collection, and providing information and loan services to meet the needs of its users.
a professional person trained in library science and engaged in library services
an article from the Library and Information Science category
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a collection of songs that, while neither a 'greatest hits' nor a 'best of', work together to spin the tale of a woman, her upbringing and what she has seen and learned in life
a 'Tori from then to now' collection, not a greatest hits collection
One who copies manuscript books.
a permenant Monger who stays in one area and travels mostly for books and to find translators or copiers of manuscsripts
a new service that allows clientele to submit research questions via email
a researcher, Fenmere," she said in exasperation
a marvellous example of how effective collaboration and cooperation between public libraries can be
a new, cooperatively produced weblog, which combines a pathfinder function with news and
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Anyone who was (or is) associated with the Dia Khovaria ( q.v.).
a category of MIDI software that is used to organize and store a MIDI device's patch (program) data.
This is a computer program that stores sets of voice data for synthesizers or other instruments. It enables the required sounds to be quickly selected and loaded from disk and transmitted to the instrument via MIDI. Megabyte The capacity of large memory circuits and high capacity disks is often quoted in megabytes. A megabyte is equivalent to 1024 k, or 1048576 bytes.
The person in a computer center who keeps track of interchangeable disks and tapes, and maintains a reference library of printed and computer-based material.
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an online service available to SUNY Geneseo faculty, students, and staff
The utility which manages libraries of program modules at the prelink or postlink phase of development.
Person who answers and manages questions and searches and browses knowledge bases.
A set of software tools to manage and access large geographic data sets in a map library. LIBRARIAN commands create and define a map library, move data in and out of a library, query the data in a map library, and display the results of a query.
a person who sees the school as a classroom and the community as a local resource
In this Handbook, a librarian refers to a Pennsylvania State Certified School Librarian.
In charge of preparing the music for the orchestra. Scores are usually rented. They have to be annotated to reflect cuts and other changes for a given production.
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Light Emitting Diode
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See editor/librarian.
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a very helpful person who works in a library
a guide helping people learn to use those tools
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a person with a higher degree in the field
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One who has the care or charge of a library.
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See software librarian.