Definitions for "resume"
A brief written summary of an individuals education, work experience, and accomplishments,...
A summing up; a condensed statement; an abridgment or brief recapitulation.
"An individualized summary (usually one to two pages) of personal, educational and experience qualifications intended to demonstrate fitness for a particular position" (Carl McDaniels, Developing a professional vita or resume, 1990); contrast with curriculum vita.
To turn on backup that has been temporarily suspended for an Agent computer. See also suspend.
A failed or aborted transfer can sometimes be resumed, that is, the transfer can be restarted from where it left off, rather than restarted from the beginning. This can be important for large files on slow links, or on links prone to many errors. Resuming a transfer is somewhat fragile, depending on how the error occurred and whether the server fully supports resumable transfers. Interarchy can resume FTP, SFTP and HTTP upload and download transfers.
The action of transitioning the machine into a usable state from a low power state (suspend).
a stirring business and studying more about it can be very profitable
a stirring industry and learning more about it is very remunerative
a stirring industry and studying more about it is quite valuable
a communications vehicle -- just like a brochure, Web site or any other way of reaching an audience
a "sales brochure" about you
a textural FREE Ski Vacation Package Quotes and Brochures - SnowPak Online Thousands Of All Inclusive Ski Vacation Packages To Major Ski Resorts Worldwide
a intriguing business and studying more about it can be extremely fulfilling
a intriguing industry and studying more about it is extremely advantageous
take up or begin anew; "We resumed the negotiations"
assume anew; "resume a title"; "resume an office"; "resume one's duties"
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a very importan
A label given to a PushButton in some DialogBoxes that performs the action of resuming the action of a DialogBox previously paused.
To re-start a paused campaign
a brag document
a business document and must be looked on as such
a document about you and only you
a growing field and discovering more about it can prove to be very edifying
an introduction - a one page, one shot chance at proving you are a qualified and experienced candidate who should be hired by a company
a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive
a representation of the individual so typos, spelling errors and poor writing will
a textual representation of the applicant
a textural representation of the applicant
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A résumé or curriculum vitae
To begin again; to recommence, as something which has been interrupted; as, to resume an argument or discourse.
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a summery (as the name implies
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an amalgam of past, present and future
a marketing piece and business correspondence
a marketing piece," he says
a promotionaldocument for those engaged in self-marketing
a sales flyer
a sales instrument and must be prepared just as carefully as any written
an organized list of assets that you possess, nothing more
a piece of paper that represents you when you are not there
a record of things you have accomplished, not a game plan or wish list
A claim with a pending status is resumed when a case creator enters offers/demands and submits the case for opposition response. Once this is complete the status of the claim changes to Open.
List of an actors credits, usually attached to an 8" x 10" photograph or composite.
List of credits, usually attached to an 8x10 or composite.
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a balance sheet without any liabilities
a fact sheet of what you have done
a lot more than simply recording facts of the past
Keywords:  writing, unique, brand, negative, kind
a unique brand of writing
a unique kind of writing -- and one with very negative associations for most people
Keywords:  promotional, piece
a promotional piece
return to a previous location or condition; "The painting resumed its old condition when we restored it"
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a click away at N-P
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a very good thing
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This feature enables the user to return to the screen last viewed before the unit was turned off.
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a kind of communication
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a simple, well organized
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To enter upon, or take up again.
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a process NOT an event
Keywords:  view, person
a view of a person
Keywords:  take, back
To take back.