Definitions for "teaching portfolio"
a brief and comprehensive factual description of teaching activities and accomplishments that highlights what is unique or effective about an individual's approach to teaching
a collection of materials that document a professor's teaching goals, strengths, and accomplishments
a compilation of selected information about and evidence gathered from a professor's teaching
a coherent set of materials including work samples and reflective commentary on them compiled by a faculty member to represent his or her teaching practice as related to student learning and development
a collection of documents that represents the best of one's teaching and provides one with the occasion to reflect on his or her teaching with the same intensity devoted to scholarship or research
a compilation of information about a faculty member's teaching, made by that faculty member, often
a professional autobiography of a teachers' classroom life
an unfamiliar notion to many of the academic units, and needs to be "spelled out" in greater detail
a great asset for job candidates because it explicitly shows teaching qualifications and experience
a good way of keeping a record of what evaluations we have done what the results of these evaluations have been and how we have interpreted and responded to these results
a dynamic document, in that it must be updated continuously