Definitions for "Learning Event"
A BEST public event, where you have an academic part as well as a social program. Lasts for 1-3 weeks. Please see the vivaldi page for more details about BEST events
An activity within an offering that has a start and end time. Events are either physical or virtual. Examples include seminars, learning lunches, meetings, conferences, apprenticeships, videos, book readings. Back to top of glossary
in the English360 learning system is any learner activity inside or outside of the classroom that is carried out with the objective of improving target language skills. On the other end of the continuum is a performance event in the target language, in which the objective is not one of learning but rather one of the business (e.g. a marketing presentation, or a email). There is overlap towards the middle of the continuum (e.g. practicing the presentation with your team before the actual event itself).