Definitions for "Informal learning"
Informal learning is a type of learning that is passed casually from subject matter expert to the learner without any intermediation or formalization, in process of everyday activity, during "watetrcooler conversations" and by example. Informal learning is an important part of learning process. It works best for advanced learners, who already have built some knowledge framework. See also formal learning.
Informal work-related adult education activities that take place without an instructor. Examples of such activities include on-the-job demonstrations by a supervisor or coworker; on-the-job mentoring or supervised training; self-paced study using books, videos, or computer-based software; attendance at brown-bag or informal presentations; and attendance at conferences, trade shows, or conventions related to one's work or career.
The acquisition of skills and knowledge outside of structured learning events through reading and discussion. This is now facilitated by Web sites and on-line discussion groups. The more structured types of informal learning are sometimes considered to be knowledge management.