Definitions for "Instruction"
Direction; order; command.
a segment of coded data that is interpreted by a computer as a command to perform an operation or series of operations. The term instruction is applied to both the electronic form of the data as represented in and executed by the computer, and to any line of written computer code which is interpreted as one instruction by a compiler. A computer program is comprised of one or more instructions.
A program statement that specifies an operation to be performed by a computer and that identifies data involved in the operation. IBM.
The act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with knowledge; information.
Precept; information; teachings.
The methods and processes used by teachers to change what students know and can do, their attitudes, or their behavior.
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A document to explain implementation of a Church law, which can be issued by the relevant authority in a particular matter, such as the pope or a bishop.
the law as given be the court to the jury prior to their deliberations which states the applicable law to the issues in the case
Directions by a judge to the jury, informing them of the law that they are to apply to the facts of the case in order to reach a verdict.
a binary code that specifies a sequence of
a coded bit sequence giving direction to the CPU
a sequence of Binary Digits (bits) that can be used to control the internal electronics of a digital computer system
Instruction were an alternative rock band that formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York. The band consisted of Lead vocalist Arthur Shepard, bassist Adam Marino, lead guitarist Tom Capone & drummer Steve Sanderson.
see machine instruction. An int (short for integer) is a type of integer variable that is essentially equivalent to either a short or a long, depending on the compiler you are using. A 16-bit compiler such as Borland C++ 3.1 has 16-bit int s, which are the same size as short s. A 32-bit compiler such as DJGPP (the compiler on the CD-ROM that comes with this book) has 32-bit int s, which are the same size as long s. Of course, pedants will point out that it is not absolutely guaranteed that an int is the same size as either a short or a long; it's theoretically possible that all three of these variable types are different in size. However, at this writing, all commonly available C++ compilers for microcomputers in fact equate an int with either a short or a long. and it does not appear likely that this situation will change in the near future. An integer variable is a C++ representation of a whole number. Unlike mathematical integers, C++ integers have a limited range, depending on their types; see the individual types char, short, int, and long for details. The type bool is sometimes also considered an integer variable type.
An important wisdom treatise found at Qumran. Eight manuscripts of the text were found there, but although it has features found in the sect's own works, it is thought to predate the Qumran community.
a presentation of information, with no request for input
Comedi instructions are the mechanism used by applications to do immediate input from channels, output to channels, and configuration of subdevices and channels.
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Means (i) any instruction submitted by a Member through the submission process directing CLS Bank to settle certain payment entitlements and obligations arising pursuant to an FX transaction eligible for settlement in CLS Bank and (ii) any instructions resulting from the split of Settlement Eligible Instructions.
The specification of the banks at which funds shall be paid upon settlement.
The selection and arrangement (scope and sequence) of instructional activities to help student achieve the stated or desired outcomes.
communication designed to help the recipient achieve certain goals (such as verbal instructions on how to use the photocopier).
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See Field Clarification. [D00850
the systematic provision of information, opportunities, and resources to promote the development of a repertoire of knowledge and skills. See Training
a message to others or to oneself that is intended to increase or maintain the efficiency of the organization
a will or trust intended to provide guidance to fiduciaries as to the development of a network of support services for a person suffering a mental illness
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a set of RISC type operations possibly containing multiple conditional jumps that combine to yield a single control path
This term is used when the estate agent or auctioneer is formally instructed by a property owner to market the property, usually by private treaty, in order to find a purchaser. The resulting contractual agreement confirms the terms under which the instruction is offered by the vendor and accepted by the estate agent.
When a seller instructs an estate agent to market a property.
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See 'Mandate'.
in contrast to an expression, an instruction does not produce a return value. In order to do anything useful, an instruction has to produce a lasting side effect. See also the syntax diagram for an instruction. [ edit][ edit][ edit
That which instructs, or with which one is instructed; the intelligence or information imparted
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a "unit responsibility" in the Army
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a message describing how something is to be done; "he gave directions faster than she could follow them"
Something you want your child to do.
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an order to the issuer of a book-entry security requesting the transfer, pledge or release from pledge of a book-entry security
The methods and processes by which pupils' behaviors are changed.
Under Rule 17a-3(a)(6), the term INSTRUCTION includes instructions between partners and employees of a BROKER-DEALER.
a main contribution of this section, and is derived next
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