Definitions for "Emulator"
An instrument which makes it possible to imitate, or emulate, the behavior of a microprocessor. It is used to debug a chip or system, while running in conjunction with the system software, before the final product is finally produced.
A hardware or software device that performs like something else; for example, a PC that emulates an Atari 2600 so it can run Atari 2600 games.
This is usually a program that performs the same operation of another program or a piece of hardware. For example, there are programs that allow a PC to...
a box that interfaces with your PC and emulates the operation of your target processor
a debug tool with two functional groups of features
a sophisticated device that pretends that it is the microprocessor itself, while at the same time capturing information
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One who emulates, or strives to equal or surpass.
a beautiful solution to the problem and also really the only worthy one
When developing content for digital television, it may not be possible to test the content by transmitting it to a set top box. Some operators have developed emulators to enable developers to view what their services *may* look like in a live environment. They may not replicate the live environment completely and testing on a set top box is always recommended.
someone who copies the words or behavior of another
Emulator of another platform, such as a DOS emulator
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a great way to know
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a useful tool which allows a page designer to quickly see how his page would look on a variety of real phones, without having to buy a large collection of phones
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a useful way to check how your site looks