Definitions for "Processor"
The part of the CPU which performs the computations directed by the software.
The processor is the brain of a computer. It is also called the central processing unit (CPU). It interprets and executes instructions of computer programs or the operating system.
(n.) A hardware device that executes the commands in a stored program in the computer system. In addition to the central processing unit (CPU), many sophisticated graphics systems contain a dedicated processor for the graphics accelerator.
An organization that is connected to a payment card association and provides authorization, clearing and settlement services on behalf of a member.
A company responsible for processing interchange transactions - operated by an acquirer or acting on the acquirer's behalf.
an entity, which may, depending upon business requirements, perform some or all of the tasks of Acquirers, Issuers, Card Associations or Network Service Providers
A piece of equipment that changes the audio in some way. Example: Reverb, Compressor, Limiter, Delay, etc.
A device used to change the character of an audio signal. Compressors, limiters, expanders, effects devices.
1. A signal processor 2. A device matched to a specific loud speaker (or group) to make the speaker(s) sound as good as possible and/or protect the speaker(s) from audio signal not suitable (i.e., too loud) for the speaker.
A machine that delimbs trees and crosscuts them into logs. Machines that do this and also fell the trees are called harvesters.
a Cocoon Java type that takes a DOM tree as input and produces another (possibly modified) DOM tree as output
an n bit machine if its internal data bus width is n
A liaison between the loan officer and the funder of a loan. The processor's responsibility is to meet all of the pre-funding conditions of a loan including, gathering all documentation and the clarification of information.
The person, employed by the broker, who, after your loan application is taken, gathers all the documentation to meet the guidelines of the specific loan program you have selected.
An employee at a mortgage company responsible for collecting documentation from borrowers and banks. Their duties include the gathering of income information, mortgage verifications/payoffs, homeowners insurance, ordering appraisal and title or any other conditions that a lender requests to facilitate the closing of a mortgage loan.
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a SSE capable Palomino/Morgan or a non SSE capable T-Bird/Duron
A person who depurates, shucks, packs, or repacks shellfish. (2)
An abattoir operator.
A system or device that can carry out operations on data.
The firm that manages and operates a plant which slaughters and eviscerates poultry. The processor usually performs some functions of production, and all the processing and marketing functions.
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The main unit responsible for complies and manages data; the core component of any system.
an object similar to a Player which is used to process data and output the processed data
a Player that takes a DataSource as input, performs some user-defined processing on the media data, and then outputs the processed media data
a little bit of a different situation, but at least we are seeing Globalwin place the thermistor on the end of a small wire, instead of just at the base of the fan's motor
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Firm the "crushes" soybeans into meal and oil. Typically, each bushel of Soybeans produces 11 pounds of Soybean Oil and 48 pounds of Soybean Meal.
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a Java class that receives an XML request and returns an XML response
a JSP, a servlet or a Java class that receives valid beans for processing
a person who buys blueberries from the buyer or directly from the grower
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Anything that processes an incoming signal in some way. Surround processors, for example, can decode a Dolby Digital signal to send to an amplifier so it can be heard.
Decodes multi-channel audio information and directs it to the proper channel
An organization devoted to processing aseptic human tissue for transplant.
In the 2020 program, those brokers and intermediaries (frequently "old line recyclers") who buy containers from certified recyclers and pay them the appropriate refund value and scrap value, then "cancel" the material (alter it for shipping so that it cannot come back through the system again), and sell these materials to manufacturers at their scrap value rate. The processor also pays the processing fee to the recycler and acts as an administrative intermediary for the Department of Conservation.
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A company that produces consumer products from raw goods or materials. Also known as a packer.
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ANSI an implementation.
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Vessels that provide agitation, heat exchange and/or reaction to produce product. Includes variety of designs including cone bottom or flat bottom tanks.
someone who processes things (foods or photographs or applicants etc.)
a thing that processes a part of a wiki page
a high-performance active heat transfer device designed to replace traditional extrusions
an electronic device that is able to process and manipulate digital information
Sector of the plastics industry that molds the pellets into fabricated user-products.
The Bay Financial Savings Bank, F.S.B. employee responsible for collecting the completed application and all supporting documents before the entire loan packet is submitted to underwriting. Also known as a processor.
a business engaged in processing agricultural products and preparing them for market
One who prepares documents to facilitate closing.
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One who prepares the loan for underwriting.
The telephone switch, or portion of that switch, that actually processes the telephone call